Below are the most common asked questions. If your query isn’t here, feel free to call or email us.

What’s the best email to send quotes too?

At the top right of this page, “GET A QUOTE” BUTTON. Click on that to send us requests.

Which switchgear brand (circuit breakers) does Aussie use?

That’s up to you. We are flexible and can provide your preferred brand. We can offer more competitive manufactures with 30 month warranties. Because we control the sheetmetal, we can customise to your preferences or specification

Types of steel ASB fabricate Switchboards out of?

Our inhouse sheet metal workshop is geared to fabricate enclosures and parts out of mild steel, 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel. All of this can be powdercoated to your colour or we can supply a grained finish to raw stainless steel.

Our plinths are hot dipped HD galvanised steel or marine grade aluminium so they last an extremely long time.

What's your ETA on Quotes?

Firstly, we ask you note a realistic date in your email message so we can work with you.

If we suspect it could take an unreasonable time frame or experience problems, we will let you know early to work something out.

We are exposed to seasonal influxes where quotes backlog but we will inform you early.

What's your ETA on the workshop drawings?

Once we established a payment method and you complete your job specific check list, we start the drawings.

No drawings will start until these simple requests are done.

What is your manufacture lead time?

This depends upon you. It doesn’t make sense for an open statement. We work with you so it depends when YOU need it by.

If you need it urgent we can make it urgent. We have our own sheet metal workshop so we have outstanding delivery times.

Once we establish a payment method and you give us full approval, we can start straight away.

We also have a range of boards IN STOCK – off the shelf so this could help you too if your job is urgent.

What are your Payment Terms?

If you are a first time user, we ask you pay for your project in full prior to despatch. We only offer Credit to existing clients.

Projects over 5000 or less prepayment in full. Orders over $5000, contact our office.

We have alliances with the main Electrical Wholesalers. We also accept direct deposit and have credit card facilities (for a small additional fee)

Can we get the boards in multiple parts? And if so, how difficult is it to assemble these on site?

We work with you. You may need a new board in an old building. Our inhouse sheet metal workshop can make anything you want.

We make joins very simple to connect onsite and provide useful instructions for you.

If you can use common tools, you’re good to go!

Why do the gland plates needs to be installed, we normally just throw them away?

This is a commonly overlooked but very imprortant feature of boards in Queensland.

It keeps out vermin (rats and frogs) plus maintains the waterproof integrity of the board.

Why do you require so much information for my job?

Five minutes spent here can save a lot of time. Nobody knows your project better than you, so we need to know some simple things to save you time, frustration and $$$.

We can’t think of anything worse than you getting a board upside down, so we do ask the obvious.

You would be surprised how much customer frustration we have saved by doing this.

How long for a Credit Application to get approved?

We only offer credit to existing clients. If you are a first time user, we ask you pay for your project in full prior to despatch.

Projects over $5,000 or less prepayment in full. Orders over $5,000 contact our office.

99% of complete Credit Applications get approved same day. Some can take a little longer.